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Nova Legacy Program - Nova Legacy Hack

Name: Nova Legacy Application
Version: 7.1
Size: 26.8 MB

Nova Legacy Hack Download is a program that will allow you to generate currency: trilithium, coins. Normal and premium currency are very important in this game, thanks to these currencies we will buy weapons as well as other equipment that we will use during clashes with other opponents. More important, as everyone will guess, is the premium currency, we can use it to buy special weapons, much stronger than ordinary weapons purchased for normal currency. Not only will we be able to buy weapons for premium currency, but also unique items that will boost our character. “Trylithium”, or premium currency, we will only get thanks to real money, there are a few moments in the game where you will receive this currency as a reward, but there are few.

Our Nova Legacy Hack can be used on any mobile device, it has been adapted to run on two of the most popular systems, i.e. iOS, Android. If you are concerned about blocking your account for using this software, we can tell you that there is very little chance of detection. When hacking into the game server, the program uses special scripts that were written based on the game engine itself, the Anti-Cheat program cannot detect it, so that the server administration does not get any notifications as to the turbulence on the server.

Features Nova Legacy Hack Tool

NovaLegacyHack - Nova Legacy Hack

– Unlimited Trilithium generation
– Unlimited Coins generation
– Compatible with Mobile systems iOS, Android
– Undetectable during burglary

How to run and download the hack correctly

Nova Legacy Cheat Hack Generator - Nova Legacy Hack

To download our Nova Legacy Hack, simply click the “Download” icon above, remember to download the program to your computer. After downloading the file, you need to unpack it, you will download one of these two tools: Win-rar, 7-zip. After unpacking, run it and activate, how to do it? you have everything described on this page – Instruction Activate Hack. After activation the program will be ready to work.

Guide – How to start Hack correctly

The hack should be on your computer, run it on it and then connect your mobile device to the computer with a USB cable. Once you have done that, click Connect in our program, when the hack connects to the device, turn on the game on it, and then click start in Nova Legacy Hack. After loading, a generator should pop up in which you will be able to enter the amount of resources you need. If you want to use it, enter the number of coins you are interested in and then click Generate, after a while the entered amount of coins will go to your account.

About Game Nova Legacy

Nova Legacy is a game for mobile devices from the genre of Action, Science Fiction, Shooter, FPS. The developers of the game is Gameloft which has such titles as: The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Dead Rivals, Dungeon Hunter V. The game operates on the principle of Free-To-Play and entered the iOS, Android systems.

In Nova Legacy action is presented from the first person’s perspective. The basic mode of play is a fictional campaign consisting of nineteen diverse stages. In addition to the campaign, Nova Legacy offers a multiplayer game based on competition, designed for up to six players.