Metin 2 Hack Tool Download 2 - Metin 2 Hack

Metin 2 Hack Tool Download

Metin 2 Application - Metin 2 Hack

Name: Metin 2 Application
Version: 5.2
Size: 33.0 MB

Metin 2 Hack will allow you to automate in-game activities and allow you to generate paid currency. To download it, click the icon above. After downloading, unzip the program and launch it. When you run it you will have to activate it, how to do it is described on this page – Instruction Activate Hack. After entering the activation code, the program will be ready for operation.ull.

The bot is very advanced, it uses over 3000 scripts. In the bot settings you can choose the place where you want to go. You can also specify which skills will be used. After death, the character automatically returns to the place where you left him. The bot has been designed to look as natural as possible, so you don’t have to worry about reporting another player when he is turned on.

The program can generate Dragon Coins, which are premium currency that you have to pay real money to get it. Thanks to this currency you will be able to shop in the premium store, where you will find various items that: strengthen your character, improve equipment.

If you have a problem, write Concat here, write to us also if you have any interesting idea for what game we can do hack.

Features Metin 2 Hack Tool

Metin 2 Cheat Engine Program - Metin 2 Hack

– Bot
– Premium Currency Generation – Dragon Coins
– The program works on every operating system
– Supports Steam
– Very easy to use

About Game

About Metin2 2 - Metin 2 Hack

Metin 2 is a multiplayer game from the genre of Fantasy, RPG. Game developers is Gameforge responsible for such titles as Aion, SKILL Special Force 2. The game works on the principle of Free-To-Play (you can play for free are optional micropayments) and entered the PC with Windows.

The game offers the majority of standard ideas typical of representatives of the MMO genre, supplemented by several original solutions, above all a refined, strongly agile combat model, reminiscent of three-dimensional action games, like Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone. The program was embedded in the fantasy realities typical of Eastern RPGs, cleverly combining oriental mysticism with a fantastic world depicted, full of magic and demons.

There are a total of four main character classes to choose from. Warrior, Assassin, Sura, Shaman. We will be able to specialize every class with time. The gameplay is primarily about knocking out animals and hordes of monsters wandering around the local area. A characteristic feature of Metin 2 is the very dense distribution of mobs, which is related to the way of fighting. Normal attacks of each character are combined into multi-word combinations. In the game, you can create your own guild in which we will be able to develop our base or compete with other guilds in battles.