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Mafia City Android Cheats Tool - Mafia City Android Cheats

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Mafia City Android Cheats - Mafia City Android Cheats

Name:  Mafia City Android Application
Version: 2.5
Size: 24.8 MB

Mafia City Android Cheats is a program that is designed for mobile devices with the Android system. Thanks to our software you will be able to manipulate the values ​​of resources: Cargo, Cash. In addition to this, you can also generate premium Gold currency in unlimited amounts.

The program was created to equalize the chances of all players and to increase the satisfaction of the game. As you have probably noticed, the game is heavily operative on micro-payments. Without buying gold, the game becomes monotonous and does not give satisfaction. You will feel it because of the long construction time, bonuses that can only be bought with premium currency.

Remember !!! to read the instruction activate hack before using our program

Features Mafia City Android Cheats

  • Generating any amount of Cargo, Cash
  • Generating any amount of premium currency “Gold”
  • Fully safe to use: Proxy, B-Anti-Ban
  • Supports Android
  • Easy to use (In the folder with the program there is a manual for our program)

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About Game Mafia City

MafiaCity Gameplay Game - Mafia City Android Cheats

Mafia City Android Hack is a mobile game in the genre: Strategy, Economy. The creators of the game is the company Yotta Games. This company develops games for mobile devices. The game works in the Free-To-Play system, we will illustrate micropayments in it.

Welcome to a world filled with wealth, power, machinations and wars of great families. In Mafia City, you’ll have to head the outlaw family to fight for dominance on the map. And all this has been transferred to the canvas of the strategic and economic mobile game, which content would embarrass many a desktop title! And – as you might expect from the items available on our website – this production is available for free!

Here are some tips that will be useful in the beginning:

  1. Carefully follow the tutorial consciously clicking through the indicated windows to get to know the mechanics of the game.
  2. During the tutorial, you’ll be able to complete most of the buildings in express mode. Each time the “FREE” emote appears in the left interface – click on it.
  3. Receive rewards for logging in daily and completing daily missions.
  4. Red dots in different parts of the menu mean that we have a reward to collect or an important action to perform in a given tab.
  5. Icons of e-money, goods, gifts and even enemy units spying on us will appear on the map – remember that these actions do not take place automatically, we must do it manually by simply clicking.
  6. Join a clan as soon as possible, because being a member gives you access to many bonuses including help mechanics, which allows you to reduce the waiting time for completing construction, etc.
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