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Name: Aion Application
Version: 3.8
Size: 30.8 MB

The Aion Hack program is a tool that will automate your actions in the game, it will be useful for many tasks, all the features and functions of the program are described below. The bot is very advanced and is still being expanded, currently the program has over 2,000 scripts. Hack is completely safe to use, Gameforge anti-cheat programs will not detect you. The bot was written with the same method as the game engine, so the anti-cheat cannot see our program’s actions.

To download our Aion Cheat, just click on the icon above. The program is packed in an archive and has been scanned with anti-virus programs to ensure the highest security of downloading. To unpack the file, we recommend the Win-rar program, it is free, you can easily download it, just enter the phrase “Winrar Download” in the google search engine, after searching, you will see a page where you can download it. When starting the program, for the first time you will have to activate it by entering the activation code, the hack will show you where to get this code. More information about activating our propgrams can be found on this page – Instruction Activate Hack.

The program was designed to run on Windows, it will work properly on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32-64 bit). Remember to run the game on Aion Client EU / NA (32-64 bit). No Net Farmework version is needed to run the bot.

For any questions or bug reports, please contact here – Contact. The people on our team who are responsible for communication will provide you with a prompt reply.

Features / How to start the program

Aion Application Bot - Aion Hack

Features Program

  • Fully automatic mob breeding in place or at waypoints
  • Gathering resources on site and waypoints, in the air and on land, in response to attacks by mobs and players;
  • Attacking other players in specific areas
  • Attacking mobs, instances. You can choose specific goals, places
  • Completing quests for coins

How to correctly use the Aion Hack program

Before starting our program, start the game and log in to your character. Once you do that, you can turn on our program, after clicking the start button, the hack will start to connect to the game. After loading, a program window will pop up with different bot configurations, set how it should work and then click run or go to the game and click Ctrl + End to run the bot.

About Game

AionGameplay - Aion Hack

Aion is an MMORPG game produced by the Korean company NCsoft. The developers who created it used the experience gained while working on the popular Lineage series, which has two parts and many additions.

The action of the game is set in a mystical fantasy world called Atreia, which was divided into zones, inhabited by two factions, as a result of the cataclysm. Part of the world remained bathed in sunlight – it belongs to the people who call themselves Elyos, who represent positive and enlightened values, although they are ruthless to their enemies. The part of Atreia remaining in the darkness is populated by representatives of the Asmodians, a distrustful and dangerous faction of people living among vast, frozen territories. Both regions are separated from each other by Abbys, the area where the Tower of Eternity used to be. Currently, the Abyss regions have become the main battlefield between the two conflicting factions.